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I'm a lucky guy who married the most beautiful and kind-hearted woman in the whole wide world.

The Black and White Wedding DIYs

From the Odder World Photo Exhibit, to Souvenirs and to Props. We had it all hand-crafted. Or at least my girls did. Thanks to daninjuh  making this happen. #graceandmark01

Shots were taken by Nosaj Photography. The photos in the gallery were shots taken by a camera, a remote and a tripod. See the full gallery here:

Streetwise Singapore Shoot
Grace and Mark in Thailand
Grace and Mark in Universal Studios Singapore

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Grace and Mark Honeymoon in Palawan

Our honeymoon in Palawan.

The morning after the wedding, Grace and I went to a flight to Palawan to spend our traditional holiday in one of the best islands in the Philippines. It was indeed the perfect place to take a break after all the stressed that our wedding preparation. Of course aside from the typical island hopping and all the food splurging, I took the chance to document some of the things while enjoying the whole experience.

The people in Palawan were so accommodating that the only thing we thought about was to come back again and have our second honeymoon back to those places. We never had one bad experience unlike from other destination that we went before.

Taken handheld with a Canon 60d with a non-IS nift-fifty and an iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

This is our first attempt in video making and hopefully we can do more.

All rights reserved © Grace and Mark and the Ableslayer Collectives 2013

Palawan from ableslayer on Vimeo.

Time flies so fast that an event that was looked forward for almost one third of your life can pass just like a normal every day. All we have now are memories which are far more significant and can last for eternity. Happy 1st month of being husband and wife hun. 143 #graceandmark01