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A Honeymoon Cut Short

It’s been nine months now since we got married and we should still be in the honeymoon spirit.

But it was cut short, only because we have something else coming. Something bigger. I mean not literally though, but it will be bigger than our life could have ever been.

Recorded with a Canon 60d and edited entirely on iPad’s iMovie app. Just messing around and getting ready for a whole new world of filming and film editing.


I love you hun and our little one…

Music by Pete Yorn

3D/4D CAS at World Of My Baby

World Of My Baby
Lower Ground Level, The Podium

Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
(T) +632 4043788

There are so many ultrasound clinics to choose from and I’ve come to narrowed it down with the help of different forums available online. Thanks to our fellow preggy moms! I’m so pleased with this newly opened clinic located at the Podium Mall, the World of my Baby (W.O.M.B.). Aside from ultrasound services, they also offer different gynecological services. Continue reading

Lovin’ My Baby Bump at 20 weeks :)

Being a first time mom brings me good and bad emotions.

I got really excited the moment I found out that I’m pregnant. But then shortly, anxiety begins. Am I doing the right thing for my growing baby? Am I not hurting him with my activities? Am I ready? A lot of worries on what’s ahead and on how to become a good mom consume me most of the time. Continue reading