Lovin’ My Baby Bump at 20 weeks :)

Being a first time mom brings me good and bad emotions.

I got really excited the moment I found out that I’m pregnant. But then shortly, anxiety begins. Am I doing the right thing for my growing baby? Am I not hurting him with my activities? Am I ready? A lot of worries on what’s ahead and on how to become a good mom consume me most of the time.

I started to feel pregnancy discomfort  and it got worse the whole first trimester. I had terrible taste in my mouth, heartburn, morning sickness, sleepless nights and dry skin. I also have huge prenatal vitamins to take, switch to different flavors of milk, quit to most of the things I used to and more. I’m really having a hard time adjusting to my changing body.

But now I know some miracle is happening in my tummy: when I saw a tiny embryo, the non-stop movement of his head as if he’s greeting me “hello mommy!”, heard the beautiful sound of his heartbeat, those instances gave my strength back. The beauty and joy of bringing a child into this world made me realized that aches and pains are worth it.

Furthermore, on my 17th week, I experienced his tiny little kick. My belly has popped and day-by-day I see myself how little I enjoyed being pregnant. It gives me motivation for everything that comes next. My priorities are changing which I’m embracing with open arms.

Here, a small photo shoot at grandma’s garden 2 weeks ago. My bump is growing bigger and so is our baby. I just can’t believe I made him.

Me and my boss at 18 weeks :)

*Photos were taken by the most amazing dad :)

Now I learned not to strain myself too much over the rules of maternity practices. Still, there are times I’m so conscious about every little twinge I feel. But our faith is stronger and everything will be fine. I just have to focus on the rest of my pregnancy, continue to learn, plan, and prepare for his birth. We’ll announce the gender soonish!


Psalms 127:3
Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.

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