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A Honeymoon Cut Short

It’s been nine months now since we got married and we should still be in the honeymoon spirit.

But it was cut short, only because we have something else coming. Something bigger. I mean not literally though, but it will be bigger than our life could have ever been.

Recorded with a Canon 60d and edited entirely on iPad’s iMovie app. Just messing around and getting ready for a whole new world of filming and film editing.


I love you hun and our little one…

Music by Pete Yorn

Grace and Mark Honeymoon in Palawan

Our honeymoon in Palawan.

The morning after the wedding, Grace and I went to a flight to Palawan to spend our traditional holiday in one of the best islands in the Philippines. It was indeed the perfect place to take a break after all the stressed that our wedding preparation. Of course aside from the typical island hopping and all the food splurging, I took the chance to document some of the things while enjoying the whole experience.

The people in Palawan were so accommodating that the only thing we thought about was to come back again and have our second honeymoon back to those places. We never had one bad experience unlike from other destination that we went before.

Taken handheld with a Canon 60d with a non-IS nift-fifty and an iPhone 4s and iPhone 5.

This is our first attempt in video making and hopefully we can do more.

All rights reserved © Grace and Mark and the Ableslayer Collectives 2013

Palawan from ableslayer on Vimeo.

Grace and Mark T-shirt Souvenirs

We wanted something unique in our wedding. In fact, we wanted everything to be different but that’s like saying that we are the only couple to be ever married. Maybe different in some ways is a much attainable wish so we created our very own tee. Is not rare that you see people giveaway tees but with a personalized design, I think our guests can count on having the only ones in the world.

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Neon Timeline – A Stop Motion Photo Reel

We think of photos as an important part of our love so we treasure it as much as we treasure ourselves. We have tons of it and we’d think of different ways to showcase these photos to our family and friends. As we travel throughout Asia, we max-out our SD’s and put it in a stop-motion like the video below.

Taken only with a tripod and a remote. All photos © Grace and Mark 2012-2013


Origami in Motion – A Parallax Engagement Video Made From Still Photographs

This is the Save the Date video I amidst our wedding. The photos are all the product of our engagement shoot from Balay Indang Red Ginger Farm Cavite with Nosaj Photography and Aira Franco.

The idea was to make a parallax video effect from the still photos and add some cool animation and floating particles to make the video more engaging to the viewers. Since we didn’t have the time (and budget) for a separate save the date engagement video, I made a home made one which is free of course.

Done in After Effects.

Photos by Nosaj Photograrphy at Reg Ginger Farm Balay Indang Cavite