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Grace and Mark T-shirt Souvenirs

We wanted something unique in our wedding. In fact, we wanted everything to be different but that’s like saying that we are the only couple to be ever married. Maybe different in some ways is a much attainable wish so we created our very own tee. Is not rare that you see people giveaway tees but with a personalized design, I think our guests can count on having the only ones in the world.

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Neon Timeline – A Stop Motion Photo Reel

We think of photos as an important part of our love so we treasure it as much as we treasure ourselves. We have tons of it and we’d think of different ways to showcase these photos to our family and friends. As we travel throughout Asia, we max-out our SD’s and put it in a stop-motion like the video below.

Taken only with a tripod and a remote. All photos © Grace and Mark 2012-2013